Brand Urbanism

A growing number of consumer brands are investing in the city, working together with cities to find solutions for urban issues. In a time of austerity, brand urbanism provides local governments with more possibilities in realizing ambitious projects, while giving brands a one-off opportunity to show their involvement in and responsibility for the city.

Red Bull Vietnam

Red Bull Brightens up Community Spaces in Ho Chi Minh City

Red Bull reimagines billboards as stadium lights to illuminate community spaces in Ho Chi Minh City's suburbs.

Woven City

Toyota Is Building a Prototype City of the Future

The car manufacturer is developing a city for 2,000 inhabitants where autonomous vehicles, innovative street design, smart house technology and robotics will be tested.

National Park City

Become a Ranger in London, the First National Park City

London became the first National Park City, employing the help of volunteer City Rangers to cultivate urban greening and foster a wilder and healthier city.

IKEA Greenwich

IKEA Now Moves Into Your Neighbourhood

The Swedish furniture firm is blurring the boundaries of retail store and public space with its new location in Greenwich, London.

H&M Opens Hybrid Neighborhood Store in Berlin

Moving beyond fast fashion, H&M is reinventing itself as a neighborhood platform that offers yoga, vintage design and superfoods in the heart of Berlin.

Uber Is Taking Ride-Sharing to the Sky

Uber's ride-sharing platform is expanding. Having car, bike and scooter sharing options, the mobility service now wants to expand to the sky.

Beehives in McDonald’s Billboards

McDonald’s and creative agency Nord DBB built the world’s smallest McDonald's restaurant doubling as a beehive.

Nike Upgrades Moscow’s Gorky Park With Multifunctional Sports Hub

Nike remains on the forefront of brand urbanism with the opening of a multifunctional sports hub in Moscow's Gorky Park.

Mobile Parklet Turns One Parking Spot Into Space for 8 Bikes

Famous Dutch bicycle brand, Union, has launched a pop-up installation to replace an ordinary car parking spot in Amsterdam's poshest shopping street with parking space for eight bicycles.

These Digital Billboards Show Directions to the Nearest Homeless Shelter

A number of digital billboards throughout Stockholm now showcase flashy ads with directions to the nearest shelter for the homeless.

Airbnb: The New Architect on the Block

With Backyard, Airbnb's latest endeavor, the company is venturing further into the housing market.

Chicago Church Becomes Basketball Sanctuary For The Masses

Nike transformed the Church of the Epiphany in Chicago into a full-equipped basketball training space for the local high-school teams. The training space comes with activities, aimed at inspiring Chicago’s youth.