The World’s First All-Electric Mobile Office

With increased potential for mobility, people are in search for more cost-effective alternatives to traditional city-centre offices. In response to office space limitations, Nissan, in collaboration with UK-based designer Hardie, has designed an alternative option to the classic office environment.

Revolutionising the zero emission ‘e-NV200’ van, the ‘e-NV200 WORKSPACe’ offers the world’s first all-electric mobile office. This van was designed to do more than take you from point A to B. The ‘e-NV200 WORKSPACe’ offers a range of features, including: a fold-out desk; touch screen computer; wireless internet; wireless phone charging; Bluetooth audio system; smartphone-controlled interior LED lights; and a mini fridge. Of course no work space is complete without a good coffee maker; a barista-quality coffee machine, rising mechanically from a hidden compartment, is also included.

Nissan Workspace Nissan Workspace Nissan Workspace Nissan Workspace

With sliding doors on both sides, and a split rear door, the van can be opened up to offer the user more space. A floating deck can also be pulled out from the rear bumper, creating an outdoor work space. Finally, internal mounting for a folding Brompton bike offers an alternative form of transportation for the driver. The ‘e-NV200 WORKSPACe’ comes equip with all the amenities needed to make this mobile office a success.

Nissan Workspace Nissan Workspace Nissan Workspace Nissan Workspace

The new creative rendering of the ‘e-NV200’ highlights the customizable potential of this electric van. At the same time, it becomes evident the possibilities at hand as flexible working grows in popularity. This mobile office offers the owner a cost effective solution for office space; allowing the driver to be flexible while travelling in comfort.