The CityChangers Cookbook

The CityChangers Cookbook Out now

This booklet, in collaboration with Urban Future, presents 20 concrete ideas that can be applied anywhere. No vague policy concepts, but practical ideas you can start working on tomorrow. Fast, result-oriented and tested by city-makers from all over the world.

20 Recipes for Urban Change

Cities across the globe are brimming with innovative ideas and approaches to tackling urban challenges. From creating vibrant public spaces to greening the city and enhancing livability, the commonalities in both the issues and solutions are often striking. Our brand new booklet, The CityChangers Cookbook, compiles 20 concrete, effective, and easy-to-implement ideas that can be replicated in diverse cities. Think of them as recipes for urban transformation, ranging from façade gardens to conversation-sparking benches. Learning from successful projects in cities all over the world, The CityChangers Cookbook wants to inspire and enable citizens, urban designers, policymakers and others to try out recipes in their own cities. After all, why always reinvent the wheel?

The ideas we highlight in this publication are not the result of policy documents, but of decisiveness, energy and a maker’s mentality. To arrive at a selection of 20, we made an appeal to the Pop-Up City community in spring 2024. Many city makers sent us inspiring recipes, making this booklet a product of co-creation. The CityChangers Cookbook was launched at the Urban Future conference in Rotterdam in June 2024. We hope it is the start of a larger, comprehensive database of urban recipes. So if you know of a recipe, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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