Future City Exhibition at Museon

City of the future exhibition at Museon

The Hague science museum Museon asked PUC to put together a public exhibition on the city of the future. The result is a showcase that tells an inspiring story about the big developments and ideas that will reshape cities and life in cities in the coming decades.

Making the City of the Future Tangible

The Museon in The Hague asked us to create an exhibition for families with children as its main target audience. We decided to move away from the usual utopian or dystopian speculations about future cities and instead start from trends that are already happening now and that people can relate to. In the run-up to the exhibition, we organised a series of thematic workshops at various locations in The Hague. Here we brought together academics, architects, industrial designers, students and young entrepreneurs to give input on the exhibition themes.

Learning, Watching and Playing

The exhibition playfully takes visitors on a journey through themes such as mobility, democracy and justice, urban play, nomadic living, food production and climate change. Design agency Concern was engaged to give the exhibition the look and feel of an urban construction site made up of four quadrants. Exhibition visitors will find, among other things, a real-life Sim City to which they can contribute themselves, a fab lab with architecture and 3D printing workshops, a theatre and a working aquaponics system that uses fish to grow edible plants.

The exhibition became one of the best-attended programmes in recent years

High Visitor Numbers

The City of the Future exhibition was on show in summer 2013. It resulted in one of Museon’s best-attended exhibitions in recent years and was highly rated by visitors.

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