10,000 Eyes

We launched a creative campaign for Rotterdam's Police Department to stamp out store and street robberies.

No More Robberies

Rotterdam’s Delfshaven district faced high numbers of store and street robberies — especially in the darker months between September and January. The Rotterdam Police Department approached us to create a street campaign that raises awareness among citizens and makes crime-solving a collective effort. The ultimate goal was a 100% decrease of robberies in the area.

Powerful Iconic Language

We chose a simple, straight-forward visual language to communicate the campaign that couldn’t be missed. By placing thousands of mysterious eyes across the area, we communicated that everyone is looking out for one other. In one night, together with a team of 70 citizens, entrepreneurs and police officers, we distributed 1,000s of eyes on sidewalks, street furniture and even trams. The icing on the cake – by installing 100-square-metre eyes on two iconic office towers in the area, we created an Instagrammable landmark that could be seen from afar.

The goal and organizers of the campaign weren’t communicated in the first week which resulted in widespread speculations on the street and in the media. This created the perfect momentum for the Police Department to reveal its message. Along with the urban interventions, we designed an inspiring newspaper that was distributed in Rotterdam. Furthermore, we rolled out a highly successful social media campaign to help generate attention for 10,000 Eyes and its goals.

10,000 Eyes newspaper


As a result of the campaign, the number of robberies in this area dropped spectacularly from nine to zero. 10,000 Eyes was featured in many regional and national media outlets and almost everybody in Rotterdam heard about the campaign. In 2012, 10,000 Eyes was nominated for the Don Berghuijs Award, a national prize for the most innovative public safety campaign.

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