Print Van Takes To The Streets Of Paris

Food trucks are hip and happening, but also non-food businesses discover the potential of the food truck as a new way to reach out to customers. In Paris, a collective of designers converted an old ice cream van into a screen printing shop on wheels.

The Print Van Paris offers customers the opportunity to screen-print their own T-shirts, posters or bags. The van visits new locations in and around the French capital on weekends, offering three to five new designs, created by a selection of local and international illustrators, graphic designers and artists. Each edition will be on sale for a limited time.

Print Van Paris Print Van Paris Print Van Paris Print Van Paris

Co-founder Oschon Wespi-Tschopp wants his customers to leave with a nice limited edition souvenir of Paris, but also making them explore and learn about screen printing techniques themselves. Be sure to visit the project’s website to find out where you can find the Print Van Paris in the coming weeks.