Playing Giant Jenga With Shipping Containers

Hong Kong-based OVA Studio has designed a unique hotel concept that can grow and shrink in size dependent on the demand for the rooms. The result is The Hive Inn, a hotel made out of shipping containers stacked in a modular fashion, much like the game Jenga, but on a giant scale.

The structure, designed for the Radical Innovation Award, uses recycled shipping containers as hotel rooms that can be easily moved around, added and retracted and moved to different locations. In addition to this, this project provides a great marketing opportunity for brands such as Ferrari, who can lease the container over a period of time, who then in turn, can design both the outside and inside of the container.

Hive Inn Hive Inn

Guests then get the opportunity to select the room they wish to stay in, perhaps based on the brand, whilst the overall costs of the hotel are reduced due to the advertising income.

Hive Inn Hive Inn

Although the concept of the hotel was based with hospitality in mind, it raises the question as to what else the design could be adapted towards, for example, emergency housing, mobile offices and pop up retail. The opportunities seem endless; whilst at the same time it is an exciting and imaginative design and concept.