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Together with electric car manufacturer smart we are portraying urban changemakers and visionaries from across the world who are on a mission to shape the cities of tomorrow.

Flying Grass Carpet

Flying Grass Carpet Landing in a City Near You

Looking for a way to spruce up dull and empty public space? Say hello to The Flying Grass Carpet — a uniquely designed turf carpet that travels to different cities to bring life to urban spaces that need it most.


Waste Currency Motivates Citizens in Amsterdam to Recycle

Amsterdam-based initiative WASTED motivates citizens to recycle their household waste. It has launched a neighbourhood currency that rewards recycling with discounts at local businesses.

Copenhagen Islands

Copenhagen’s New Public Spaces Are Modular and Can Float

Architects Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg are on a mission to breathe new life into Copenhagen's old harbour. They're working on a floating archipelago that will introduce a new type of public space.

How to Survive London Without a Smartphone

Berlin club owner, Michel Niknafs, goes on a digital detox — whilst trying to make his way around busy London.

How to Reduce Waste: The Easy Way

Urbanites leave behind a tremendous amount of waste in their daily lives. In the new video series Challenge Accepted by smart, Berlin club owner Michel Niknafs takes on a challenge to cut his waste down to zero.

The 5 Places That Shape Amsterdam’s New Urban Food Landscape

The Dutch cuisine is often seen as a culinary wasteland — even by the Dutch themselves. But change is happening. smart magazine takes us on a trip along the most inspiring places om Amsterdam's culinary frontier.

The Sustainable City of Tomorrow

Following the launch of their new electric models, smart magazine presents its first comprehensive multimedia story demonstrating that tomorrow’s sustainable city is already tangible.