MOMENT is a trans-local magazine for those who explore the new roles of our cities while working in the intersections of various disciplines and neighbourhoods. In our third issue, we feature the theme City as a Home. We turn to Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Ogawamachi in Saitama Prefecture, to spur imagination and inspiration on how we can reclaim our neighbourhoods and redefine our cities as homes.


Tracing the Fruits of Local Production and Consumption: Ogawamachi, a Mecca for Japan’s Organic Farming

A bakery with home-grown yeast, a coffee shop that serves lunch made with regional ingredients, an organic farm that grows and collects their own seeds for harvest, and a 100% self-sufficient brewery. We trace the fruits of Ogawamachi's local production and consumption to explore the future possibilities of trans-locality.

Renny Ramakers

The New Era of ‘Home’ — With Renny Ramakers

Dutch design collective Droog has shaped contemporary design practices through their modern, minimalistic and innovative products. In recent years, they've expanded their scope, now spearheading urban-related projects. What is co-founder Renny's take on the drastic changes we witness in our cities?

Michael Leung

A Stroll Around Hong Kong With Michael Leung

Michael Leung is an artist, educator, urban bee-carer and everything in between. While being a designer and lecturer, he also channels his energy into building community resilience by engaging and supporting local food and production.


ParkUp Is Breathing Life Into Neglected Spaces in Taipei

ParkUp is a unique platform for citizens to be creative and demonstrate ownership over spaces in their city.

Rural Japan

Connecting Cultures and Communities in Rural Japan

A DIY bookstore by the lake, a cozy smoke sauna in a 30-people village, and a bakery that ferments bread with wild yeast. On a trip to Tottori and Okayama, Japan, MOMENT visit spaces where citizens come and go to nourish their minds and bodies.

Akoaki Detroit

Reimagining Detroit With Akoaki

In 2014, a DJ booth resembling a spaceship flew around Detroit's North End, starting parties wherever it landed. It's one of the brainchildren of Akoaki — the architecture office that carefully calibrates aesthetics and spatial design for cultural production and equitable development.

Little White House Taipei

Taipei’s Circular Transition Starts at Little White House

Little White House is a neighbourhood repair space nestled in a corner of a residential quarter in Taipei. Youth and seniors alike gather to share tools, life stories, and the collective experience of repairing.

Green Fab Lab

Exploring a Sustainable Urban Future in the Mountains of Catalonia

Why does the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), a world-leading university in the field of architecture, continue its research deep in the woods outside Barcelona?

Superblocks Barcelona

Superblocks: Redesigning Barcelona’s Grid for Pedestrians

Barcelona's Superblocks project generates new public spaces that allow pedestrians to engage actively with their city.

Fab Lab Japan

Going Back to the Roots With Production in Rural Japan

In Kumamoto Prefecture, just north of Mount Aso and its magnificent caldera, lies the town of Minami-Oguni. What brought a fab lab, something that is usually found in cities, to this little town?