PUC × Dutch Design Week

In October of each year, the Dutch Design Week takes place in Eindhoven. The biggest design event in Northern Europe presents work and ideas of more than 2,600 designers. In more than 110 locations across the city, DDW organizes and facilitates exhibitions, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events, debates and festivities.

Bringing Buildings To Life

With his graduation project ‘Out of the Box, Into Your Life’, designer Erik van Halderen explores the potential of elevators as flexible rooms in buildings that can be utilized for more than transferring people up and down. In an attempt to bring static buildings to life, he created a series of three architectural models in […]

Suitcase Symphony

This is yet another innovative design by Jeriël Bobbe, the creator of the Movie-ng Experience that we mentioned earlier in our Dutch Design Week 2011 series. Bobbe’s frequent travels and the carrying a trolley suitcase inspired him to use the trolley as a music instrument. Instead of annoying noises on ordinary stone pavements, a range of relief paving stones create […]

Taggie Shows Where Supermarket Food Comes From

Designer Niels van Hoof developed Taggie, a smartphone app that enables children to research where their supermarket food comes from. By aiming a smartphone camera at a product tag, an animated film will be played which explains where the food comes from and the way it grows. Besides, Taggie enables its users to playfully discover […]

A Bridge Of Ice

“For millions of years, powerful natural elements such as water, ice, black sand and molten rock have shaped Iceland into a country renowned for its rugged beauty. Yet today an additional, man-made power is sculpting the landscape: aluminium smelters, as part of an industrial landscape controled by hydro-power plants and massive dams.” This landscape has […]

Self-Growing Shelter

Biesbosch is a national park in the south of the Netherlands. Usually the river floods about three times a year and covers parts of the park with water. From that, to build permanent constructions from wood or bricks for recreation would be difficult. Feike de Jong came up with Biesbosch Expedition, a steel frame overgrown […]

A Restaurant In A Crate

Ardie van Bommel’s ‘Pure Nature’ graduation project is a modular outdoor restaurant made out of characteristic apple crates. By composing the diverse kitchen and dining units at any spot, allows an open air restaurant to pop up in a minute. Van Bommel’s modular crate restaurant is based on the classic apple crates that are used […]