Our Next Office Is In The Woods

Wouldn’t we all, if we had the chance, prefer to work in nature? A collective of Dutch digital bohemians are making that possible with the KantoorKaravaan, a group of micro-offices on wheels traveling the nation’s most beautiful forests and parks.

Meant for freelance workers who want to do laptop work and for companies that want their employers to escape the daily office routine, KantoorKaravaan is designed as a mobile off-the-grid workplace that sets up camp in various locations on the countryside. In search for a possible permanent location, the caravan started off in national park De Veluwe, and can now be found in a green area close to Amsterdam. The next destination is not announced yet.

KantoorKaravaan KantoorKaravaan KantoorKaravaan

The second-hand trailers turned offices of the KantoorKaravaan offer space for up to 35 people. All units are equipped with everything a modern desk worker could possibly wish. Solar panels on the roof generate electricity for the coffee machine, and composting toilets can be found in a dedicated wagon that travels with the caravan. And yes, there is an internet connection too.