Taxi Seats As A Showcase For Young Designers In Mumbai

We all know the typical Indian taxis from Bollywood movies. Each taxi driver gives his vehicle a unique look to stand out of the crowd of taxis. In Mumbai, they’re even part of the city’s heritage. A group of 30 young Indian designers builds on this idea by using taxi interiors to exhibit their work.

In India studying design isn’t widely established. Particularly the older generations don’t recognize the design profession. The Taxi Fabric project wants to bring design closer to ‘the people’ by commissioning Indian graphic talents to revamp the interiors of taxis in Mumbai.

Taxi Fabric

Taxi Fabric

Taxi Fabric enables young designers to exhibit their work in a totally new way, and for taxi drivers the project allows them to get their interior revamped in a unique way. Up until now the project has pimped five taxis in Mumbai. Each of the colorful designs is inspired by city life and every designer has worked only one taxi, making every vehicle unique.

Taxi Fabric

The project recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in order to revamp more taxis. How cool would it be if the Mumbai taxi system would become a decentralized Indian graphic design museum on wheels?

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