Stray Dogs Asking Pedestrians For Some Love

Thousands of stray dogs roam the streets of Santiago, Chile everyday while nobody even notices it. Two college students with a clear love for dogs decided to change this with a simple, yet creative urban intervention.

One day, equipped with a video recorder, a black marker, string and a bunch of balloons, Violeta Caro Pinda and Felipe Carrasco Guzmán headed to the train station where they knew to find both lots of stray dogs and people. There, they started to attach balloons which carried messages such as “Scratch Me”, “Hug Me”, “Don’t Leave Me” and “Play With Me” to the dogs and then watched the scene unfold. As they hoped, the surrounding people immediately caught attention of the dogs and started stroking, patting, feeding, and playing with them. People were no longer able to turn a blind eye on the dogs who are, after all, our “best and most faithful friends”.

Estoy Aqui

Estoy Aqui

The video that documented everything was titled “Estoy Aqui” (Spanish for “I Am Here”), put online and soon went viral. Animal lovers around the world began to congratulate Violeta and Felipe for their idea. Watch this adorable video and start imitating!

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