Stadsklas Turns The City Into A Classroom

Urbanism has changed tremendously over the past years. Governments are taking a step back from traditional urban planning, and individuals and companies are taking city-making into their own hands. Together with The Hague architecture institute Stroom we’re organizing the Stadsklas (City Class), a spring school that teaches innovative and curious individuals interested in city planning, architecture, and design to deal with this new urban reality.

The series will span six days of learning in May, with each day set in a different location. A variety of trend-setting guides experienced in the field of innovative urbanism such as Jeanne van Heeswijk (May 8), ZUS (May 22), and Melle Smets (May 21), will take the participants on a trip to their world and show them the ins and outs of successful contemporary urban design projects. On May 16, we, Pop-Up City, will be hosting a class ourselves in the program on Thursday May 16 in Amsterdam, that focuses on (online) agenda-setting and branding as new city-making tools.

The Stadsklas taps into the popularizing notion that there is more to be learned than can be taught in a classroom, especially when it comes to city planning and organization. In studying the spatial phenomena of cities; limiting oneself to a room full of textbooks may only go so far. By using the city as a classroom and engaging trending concepts like new media and entrepreneurship, Stadsklas seeks to offer a multidimensional approach to understanding contemporary urban environments that invokes a boundless perception of how ideas can manifest in reality.

Registration per day is capped at 12 to 15 people, and participants can register for as many or few days as they would like. Click here for more information on how to participate!

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