School Kids Design And Build Their Own Classroom

In partnership with architectural educationalists Matt+Fiona, students aged 11-16 were given the opportunity to design and build their own learning space in Hull, UK. The “den” was comprised and constructed in only seven days.

The project was initiated to help engage children that struggle with the mainstream education model. Each student created 3D models of their proposed ideas and a final, collaborative design was the result. Matt+Fiona worked directly with the students to develop their vision through workshops and they assisted in the group build.

Students and teachers work together to co-create their future classroom

The end result

The final design is a compact den that features pivoting walls (that can also act as a canopy), a lookout tower, and a roof that will soon be covered in solar panels. It is also completely covered in a bright green plastic coating to keep it waterproof. The den is used as a satellite classroom for students and as a space for extra-curricular activities.

It looks even more stunning at night

It makes sense that the users of a space, should have a participatory role in the creation of it. We see this on a larger scale during city planning roundtables and meet ups. We appreciate the direct involvement the students played in the making of this collaborative learning space.



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