Please Switch Off Bench When Leaving

HIK Ontwerpers, the office known for their internationally acclaimed Transit Accelerator, designed another playful urban intervention that’s worth to feature on this blog.

Their urban bench called ‘Zet die knop om!’, which means ‘Switch that button!’, is a life-size model of a classic switch button (100 times bigger). Installed in public space, it functions as a one- or two-person seat that illuminates the environment on demand. By choosing on which side you want to sit, the chair switches on or off. This way the user can decide on illumination of public space in a playful way.

'Zet die knop om' by HIK Ontwerpers

'Zet die knop om' by HIK Ontwerpers

Because the bench gives light, it can also be used during night hours. When leaving the spot it would be appropriate to switch the bench off again. Everybody understands that. The project is not only a funny and playful intervention in public space, but also a statement that tries to make people more aware of energy consumption and encourage them to save energy when possible.

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