Outside Society


Outside Society Takes the Office Into the Wilderness

Outside Society offers you the opportunity to change your work environment completely with their mobile spaces placed in inspiring spots in the middle of nature.

Increasingly businesses and their staff look to change up their work environment in order to keep them inspired and find focus. Consequentially, away-days outside the office are becoming popular to discuss business solutions, host brainstorming session, team-building events, workshops or training sessions. And what better way to break away from the office than by immersing yourself in nature? 

Based in Berlin in the Lichterfelde pasture, surrounded by 500 plant species and a range of wildlife, Outside Society’s adaptable workspace with glass walls, flexible furniture system and solar panels allows you to host any event or activity in a convenient location outside the bustling city centre.



Increasing numbers of young urbanites are moving to the countryside. Can shrinking regions benefit from this trend? With support from the Creative Industries Fund NL, we’re exploring post-urban living and rural futures.


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