New Bangkok Restaurant Brings Street Food Experience Inside

Last year this remarkable Coca Grill restaurant opened doors in Bangkok. Designed by Integrated Field, the restaurant’s interior reflects Thailand’s famous street food culture.

The designers explain that they wanted to give the restaurant the feeling of an ‘indoor street’. They used several public space elements to create the unique culinary atmosphere that you only find in Asia, ranging from street vendor carts and light signs to street floor patterns, manholes, open kitchens and colorful chairs. At the same time, Integrated Field managed to create an interior that’s highly flexible.

Coca Grill restaurant, Bangkok

Coca Grill restaurant, Bangkok

The characteristic unorganized pop-up food atmosphere you find in Bangkok and other Asian cities combine an entrepreneurial spirit with a highly attractive service economy on the street. The street food culture, deeply rooted in society, proves that ‘pop-up’ can really be a fundamental layer of the urban structure, driven by normal people and organically organized. It’s interesting to see that these street elements have been re-invented to create an indoor dining experience.

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