Modular Accordion House On Three Wheels

Many Chinese people can not afford to buy land to build a house in the huge, expensive and over-populated cities. Design studio People’s Architecture Office (PAO) came up with a solution — a mobile accordion house that can be taken everywhere by means of a bike.

The so-called Tricycle House is fully equipped with an integrated sink, water tank, bathtub and stove. An innovative bed transforms into a dining table and a bench. The walls are built from translucent foldable plastic that lets in the sunlight during the day and the light from the streets during the evening. This creates a light and cosy atmosphere inside the small house, while it disables passers-by to take a look from the outside in.

Tricycle House by People’s Architecture Office

Tricycle House by People’s Architecture OfficeTricycle House by People’s Architecture Office

Tricycle House by People’s Architecture Office

The modular design options of the Tricycle House allow for expansion and interconnection between units. People can easily decide to live together for a night or share their spaces temporarily. The concept envisions communities of traveling city nomads who carry their houses on wheels during the day and gather at night time. This way small pop-up villages of movable houses could develop organically. Although the concept is pretty utopian and perhaps not even affordable for those who can’t pay for regular housing, it’s an interesting idea to organize hyper-flexible housing in the fastest growing cities in the world.

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