Home Recording Project Turns Building Into An Online Radio Station

‘Home’ is a new residence in Amsterdam that houses 69 international students of the city’s music academy. The building’s owner wanted the surrounding neighborhood to benefit from all the musical talent inside. Turning the building into a giant radio transmitter, the Home Recording project enables the students to share their melodies with neighbors, relatives at home and everyone else.

Amsterdam’s music academy has a strong international reputation and attracts talented people from all over the world. Many of them study at the academy on a temporary basis. Located in Amsterdam’s neighborhood-under-construction IJburg, the Home building serves as a short-term residence for the students. The Home Recording project is an attempt to connect these temporary inhabitants of IJburg to the surrounding neighborhood and the rest of the world.

Home Recording, Amsterdam

Home Recording, Amsterdam

The core of the project is the Home Recording studio, a fully equipped but low-tech recording booth that streams directly to the project’s website. Inspired by the iconic ‘On Air’ studio light, a huge red light at the facade of the building indicates when someone is recording, so the neighbors know they can tune in to listen. Good news for all the people that are not living next door: the recordings are safely stored in the online archive. Be sure to follow the project on Facebook and Twitter!

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