German Designer Turns Dumpsters Into Tiny Houses

Here in Amsterdam we put our abusive neighbors in shipping containers, but German designer Philipp Stingl shows that good ol’ plastic garbage dumpsters are good enough.

Stingl created new types of movable, little living spaces from disposable trash boxes. One small container is designed as a micro-sized living room with a window in one of the sides and a drinking water canister attached to it. The other container aims to function as a bath tub. Both containers can be locked.

Living Container by Philipp Stingl

Living Container by Philipp Stingl

According to Designboom, the remarkable homes were designed with the homeless and elderly population in mind. “Essentially, these ‘living containers’ testify to an active and creative lifestyle for the old age without compromises.” Aight. It’s an interesting intervention nonetheless, but I recommend the designer to work a bit more on his story.

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