From Scaffolding To Private Skyscraper

How much space is needed to create a complete urban living environment? Not too much according to Fra.Biancoshock, who transformed a scaffolding into a temporary vertical living space.

The project ’24/7′ is the Milan-based street artist’s contribution to this year’s Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival in the city of Gaeta in Italy. Fra.Biancoshock says he spends so much of his time on scaffoldings that they start to feel as his second home. In this project he highlights the unused potential that he sees in scaffoldings in cities by creating a ‘complete’ living space on barely four square meters.

24-7 2

24/7 by Fra.Biancoshock

The temporary installation consists of an office space with storage, a living room, a bedroom and a rooftop terrace. During the festival Fra.Biancoshock used his self-created scaffolding skyscraper as his ‘artist residence’. Doing so he makes an argument about the conditions that artists usually work in. A situation that he describes as very open and public.

24/7 by Fra.Biancoshock

24/7 by Fra.Biancoshock

Scaffoldings are among the most notorious temporary urban elements. You can find them at numerous places and they constantly change location. This project starts a discussion about the millions of square meters of scaffolding space that are left unused and unattended after working hours. Couldn’t they be used in new ways? With a bit of fantasy and safety adjustments these elevated square meters could provide great new private or public spaces at all kinds of premium urban locations.

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