Drones Of The World, Unite!

There are so many drones out there already that they are collecting footage of a big part of the world. Bringing together as many drone-made videos as possible, Travel by Drone aims to create the world’s first crowd-sourced aerial video map.

The project enables anyone in the world to upload and geotag videos that show a bird’s eye perspective on the city. Website visitors can watch this unique collection of aerial videos made by drone enthusiasts all around the globe. Just click a pin on the map and you will instantly float over islands, cities and beautiful landscapes. Besides, the website also shows the drone density in different parts in the world. There’s not only drones flying around in Europe and the United States — also the south-east of Asia, India, and Japan are pretty well covered by flying robots.

Travel by Drone

Travel by Drone

On the Travel by Drone website you will find footage in different qualities and made with all kinds of different equipment. Lots of them are amateur videos and first flight films, but altogether they give a great impression of the richness of landscapes all around the world. It possibly even provides a new way of traveling digitally. Especially funny (and also tiresome) are all the background music themes that you can choose to ‘decorate’ the videos while you watch them.

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