We explore the trends and ideas that shape the city of tomorrow. Our observations form the basis for reports and projects.

Precollinear Park

How a Community Park on a Disused Tramway Marks a New Era of Urban Reclaim in Turin

Quiet Parks International

Urban Calm

Silence: An Underrated Commodity in Cities

Atlanta food forest

Can Healthy and Nutritious Food Be Available for Free? Atlanta Says Yes


Rethinking Weeds in the City With Karel Hendriks

Love Wolverton

Minecraft: Video Game or Planning Tool?

Baltimore Wood Project

From Waste to Furniture: Urban Wood Mining in Baltimore

Garbage men library Ankara

Books Rescued From the Trash Fill Libraries Across the Country

Mobiele Omroep Bijlmer

Amsterdam’s Metro Line 54 Becomes a Mobile Podcast Studio

Pop Brixton

Pop Brixton: The Hive That Lets Local Businesses Thrive


The Curious Street Light that Bends to Meet You As You Pass By


Plenty for All: Urban Agriculture Gets a Rebrand

Bella Grünau

How a Pop-Up Pizzeria Became a Driving Force Behind Socio-Cultural Revitalisation in Leipzig

We explore the ideas that shape the city of the future