We explore the trends and ideas that shape the city of tomorrow. Our observations form the basis for reports and projects.

Pop Brixton

Pop Brixton: The Hive That Lets Local Businesses Thrive


The Curious Street Light that Bends to Meet You As You Pass By


Plenty for All: Urban Agriculture Gets a Rebrand

Bella Grünau

How a Pop-Up Pizzeria Became a Driving Force Behind Socio-Cultural Revitalisation in Leipzig

Gärten des Grauens

The Reign of the Stone Front Yard is Over

Cost Plus Virtual Store

Pandemic Urbanism

Virtual Store Bridges the Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping

De Clique

De Clique Helps Make New Consumer Products From Urban Waste

Unreal City

Pandemic Urbanism

Augmented Reality App Makes the Art Exhibition COVID-Proof

Swim City

The Renaissance of Urban River Swimming

Pandemic Urbanism

Multi-Purpose Furniture for Life in Lockdown

3D-printed street furniture

Outdoor Furniture, 3D-Printed

Tiny urban forests

Tiny Urban Forests Are Popping Up on Brownfield Sites Across the Globe

We explore the ideas that shape the city of the future