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Barbados Bleisure

COVID—19 Cities

The Emergence of ‘Bleisure’ Destinations in the Age of Remote Work

Ureshino Chadoki


How the Japanese Tea Ceremony Becomes a Landscape Experience


Future Urban Living

Live in a Van, Plug Into Co-Living Communities Along the West Coast


How a Remote Town in Japan Became a Waste-Free Example for the World

VillageOffice Wants Access to Coworking Within 15 Minutes for Everyone

Pasture With Cows

Step Into a Giant Bucolic Painting With Real Cows in Central London


Starbucks Designs New Signing Store in Japan for Deaf Urbanites

Pocket Living

Future Urban Living

Pocket Living Keeps London’s Housing Market Accessible for First-Time Buyers

Bumblebee Spaces

Hybrid Space

From Office to Bedroom in Seconds: How Robots Drive the Adaptive Interiors of the Future

The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design

Summer of Pioneers

Leaving the City

German Town Invites Urban Nomads to Trial Rural Living


Senior Cities

How Co-Living for Midlifers Will Shape Tomorrow’s Housing Market

We explore the ideas that shape the city of the future