McBike Lets You Eat ‘Healthy’ At McDonald’s

As our society becomes increasingly concerned with a lifestyle that is based on eating healthy and exercising, the hamburger-tycoon is struggling to keep up. In another impressive feat of rebranding, McDonald’s has launched a promotion it calls McBike that features new bicycle-friendly packaging which promotes cycling and ensures your burger wont be squished as you try to stuff it in your backpack.

As much as most of us adore a Big Mac or a Cheeseburger every now and then, we all know that McDonald’s fast food isn’t the most healthy food in the world. This new packaging was designed by Tribal, an Argentinian advertising firm in the hopes of appealing to young health-conscious urbanites among whom sales have been falling. Forget the brown paper bag, this new packaging tightly holds your burger, fries, and a drink with cardboard handles that can be hung from your bike’s handlebars. Select McDonalds’ have also been encouraging people to use the ‘bike-thru’ window.

McBike McBike

The McBike packaging makes a McDonald’s meal easier to transport and more accessible to a cyclist, therefore promoting the message that their meals are not incompatible with healthier lifestyle choices. Whether or not this is true, McBike is a clever advertising campaign that targets a demographic which is growing in many cities- cyclists, and McDonald’s hopes this will mean a better result for their bottom line.


The first places this packaging was introduced is Copenhagen, and also in Medellin, Colombia. There are plans to extend this to other bike-friendly places such as Tokyo and various cities in the Netherlands.