Wuppertal LEGO Bridge Has A Green Roof

LEGO keeps inspiring urbanists, architects and urban interventionists. Street artist Martin Heuwold aka MEGX transformed a boring urban bridge into a colorful LEGO-like artwork in Wuppertal, Germany. With the help of friends, the city and some construction companies, MEGX spiced up the concrete beams of the viaduct with colorful paint.

The project even seems to suggest that the bridge has a green rooftop as the artist used green paint to visualize LEGO grass on top of the bridge. This also embodies a real promise as this bridge is part of a High Line-type of project in Wuppertal. As a consequence of declining industries and a shrinking population, Wuppertal is looking for alternative strategies. The LEGO bridge is part of 10-mile pedestrian and cycle path called Wuppertal Bewegung e.V., that’s being built on what was once the Wuppertal Northern Railway.

As being stated by Urbanophil, the ‘LEGO Brücke’ reminds us of the constructions we all used to make in our childhood. Perhaps that’s also the nice element of this relatively cheap project. It instantly changes the way we perceive the city. It’s more colorful, more funny and it takes us back to those days that we were still in charge of a complete city and could break down whatever we didn’t like. That’s what paint can do.