World’s First Pop-Down Restaurant Pops Down In Finland

We’ve seen loads of pop-up restaurants, but what about pop-down restaurants? In September, the world’s first pop-down restaurant will open its doors in a unique mining environment in Tytyri, Lohja, Finland. This obviously makes clear what a pop-down restaurant is in this case — a pop-up restaurant deep underground.

Called ‘Muru Pops Down in Tytyri’, the pop-down restaurant is located 80 meters below the surface. During dinner evenings visitors can even go as deep as 350 meters underground, according to the website of World Design Capital Helsinki.

Muru, chosen Finland’s best restaurant of the year, will cook dinners in its own special style from 10 September till 26 September. Using the spirit of the ‘mining canteen’, the food will be very ‘down to earth’ for this occasion. Tickets for the experience dinner at ‘Muru Pops Down in Tytyri’ will cost €115 and are available online. But be aware, this is not for people with fear of heights. The journey to the depths of the Earth is made using KONE’s test laboratory lifts. Be prepared!

Helsinki is 2012’s World Design Capital. Visit Finland invited us to come over to explore the city’s design treasures. The ‘Design in Helsinki’ series highlights the best projects, concepts and designs we came across during our visit.