Win Tickets For The Art As Money Festival In Amsterdam

In 2011 our friend and artist Dadara has started his own bank. The aim of the Exchanghibition Bank is to explore the relation between money, value and art. The bank developed its own currency and publishes its own bank notes. Being the first artist running a bank, Dadara states that “in a world where even art seems to be measured by its financial value, the value of money as we know it is becoming increasingly unclear”.

“Our current form of Money, detached from any tangible asset and only backed by our trust, has seemingly taken on the role of an omnipresent Philosopher’s Stone, magically turning any quality of life into a measurable quantity of bigger or smaller heaps of cash, or rather digits on our computer screen. But not all values and qualities can be converted that easily into a pile of banknotes. After all, what we really value in life is ‘priceless’.”

Bringing the worlds of art and money together in a series of workshops and lectures, the Exchanghibition Bank organizes the Art as Money Festival in Amsterdam, on Thursday 9 February. The festival explores the role various artists and cultural entrepreneurs have towards money, but also the practical question how artists can earn money in innovative and alternative ways. Speakers will include Exchanghibition Bank CEO Dadara himself, Teun CasteleinErnst-Jan Pfauth and Vincent Reinders (22 Tracks).

“In times when governments keep bailing out Banks with huge amounts of money, but are drastically cutting back on Art funding it might be good to take an in-depth look at the value(s) of Art and Money and at the same time look where in this changing financial and cultural landscape opportunities for artists arise or can be created to earn money so they can keep pursuing their Dreams.”

Tickets for Thursday’s Art as Money Festival at Trouw Amsterdam are available in presale and at the door. We’re giving away three sets of two tickets to the readers of Pop-Up City! You’ll also receive a unique bank note of one million Exchanghibition dollars. Drop us a line at if you’re interested.