What’s The Future Of Dutch Cauliflower Neighbor­hoods?

The 1970s and 1980s marked the Netherlands’ building boom. Values such as livability, shared space, and restricted traffic led to the development of a revolutionary type of residential environment: the bloemkool, or cauliflower neighborhood. Initially a success, these once popular green havens are now losing their spark. What does the future hold for the infamous Dutch cauliflower neighborhoods?

Seen from above, their street patterns resemble the structure of a cauliflower, hence their nickname. Today, these characteristic neighborhoods — that make up 20% of Dutch housing stock — are dealing with the sticky stigma of boredom and decay. However, behind the brick and mortar, ideas and potential still slumber. What could be done to revitalize these neighborhoods? To address this question and discuss the future of the cauliflower neighborhoods we’re joining forces with the urban renewal festival Ruimtekoers in Arnhem’s Kronenburg and Vredenburg neighborhoods to organize Ruimtekoers Forum 2017, an expert event for urban professionals.

At Ruimtekoers Forum we invite urban professionals, governmental and municipal officials, students and anyone else who’s interested to join us in the pursuit of unlocking the potential of cauliflower neighborhoods. During the one-day event we explore new possibilities to adapt this considerable share of the Dutch housing stock to the preferences of the future generations.

The plenary program consists of a keynote by electoral-geographer Josse de Voogd, who comments on these neighbourhoods as being the cross-sectional average the Netherlands, and speakers like Arthur Nuss of Global Architects who presents his House in a House renovation project to show what potential there is in the build housing of these decades. Workshops will be led by explorer of the public space Hans Jungerius and partnering companies Movares and Companen.

In the spirit of Ruimtekoers Festival 2017 — we are the city — we’d love to meet you at our Forum on Thursday 23 November!


Ruimtekoers Forum: de toekomst van de bloemkoolwijk
Thursday 23 November 2017, 12:00—20:00
A Place to Be, Groningensingel 51, Arnhem
Language: Dutch(!)

Admission (including dinner): regular €96 (including dinner), students €36 (student card required). Buy tickets here!