What Future Should Look Like

Dutch architecture office NL Architects present this series of images in the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Their wonderful impressions perfectly relate to the Age of Experience and make clear how humanity can deal with current social, urban and environmental problems in a positive, sometimes utopian way.

The left picture above shows ‘Google Forest’: “When sea levels rise, less land is available. How can we increase the capacity of our cities?” The right picture is called ‘Fly Unite’. Nuff said. According to the left picture below, “the products that surround us often have unused capacities, we only use a fraction of their potential.” Minimum speed 200 kilometers/hour. The right image below aims to make people aware of the opportunities of transforming climate neutral powerplants into new heroic landscape icons.

According to NL Architects, cruise ships are ‘parasites’ in every port they call on. True, true! Therefore they would like to introduce a form of reciprocity, a two-way connection between ship and city. The last picture, on the right addresses the issue of the gigantic amount of floating plastic in the Pacific Ocean and presents the idea of the build of a new archipelago of trash, “a bouyant island the size of Spain, France and Italy combined.”