We Made It!

Today, the Pop-Up City book achieved 100% funding on Kickstarter!

Before we open up a bottle of champagne to celebrate (don’t worry, we’ll save you some), we need to make sure to thank the most important part of this campaign: YOU! We’re overwhelmed by the response to our Kickstarter campaign. Not only have we raised enough funds to ensure that the book gets published, we managed to do it in only 18 days! That’s pretty cool, folks. To thank you all for your generous support we made a little video…

Kickstarter video

Just because we’ve raised our goal doesn’t mean you can’t still pre-order your very own copy of the Pop-Up City book! For 12 more days, you can head on over to Kickstarter and pre-order the book for 30% off the retail price. That’s basically the deal of the century right there. We’ll continue working on the Pop-Up City book and we promise that it will be great. Thanks again, lovely people! We’ll keep you posted!