Waiting For The Bus Will Become Fun

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology have presented new futuristic bus stops called EyeStop. The EyeStop is entirely covered with touch sensitive E-ink and screens. This provides the traveller with the latest sensing technology, interactive services, community information and entertainment. EyeStop brings waiting for the bus to a whole new level. Florence is the first city to take this step into the future. The city has made a deal with MIT to provide them with the new EyeStop. About 1,000 bus poles and 200 bus shelters will be installed in Florence in 2010.


The residents of Florence will be able to plan a bus trip, interact with maps, surf the web, exchange information on a digital message board, and interact with the bus shelter interface using their mobile devices. The world around us is changing rapidly with these new technology and architecture, taking us another step closer to the future.