Volkwagen’s Car Recycling Bin

Volkswagen has a tradition of remarkable marketing campaigns. Think of DDB’s charming and honest ads for the VW Beetle, claimed as being the marketing conversation piece of the sixties. More recently, the German car brand does a pretty good job with its Fun Theory. Some days ago I stumbled upon a new urban campaign in Germany addressing the fact that the new Volkswagen Polo is produced out of 95% recyclable materials.

The result is these fantastic oversized car recycling bins that have an auto-shaped slot. DDB Germany, the advertising agency responsible for this public space campaign, explains the idea:

“People in Germany are used to recycle glass, paper and plate. So we just had to expand this matter of course for the new Polo. Therefore we produced the first ‘car recycling drop box’ in the world and put it right between normal recycling containers. A link to the Internet invited people to get to know more about Volkwagen’s eco-friendly recycling programme.”