Urban Soundscapes From Around The Globe

No matter in which city you live on this planet, there is an undeniable, authentic sound to every metropolis. Aural landscapes, that are defined by traffic sounds, horns honking, people chatting — all these stimuli make a city what it is and give it a unique feeling.

The open source network Soundcities has made sounds from many major cities publicly available. Users of the platform can listen to musicians in the Parisian metro, kids playing on the street in Budapest, or the prayers of muezzins in Istanbul. Though these are just a few of the sounds recorded, the database is continuously expanding. The sounds of a city can give us clues about the people that live there, and allows us to get a glimpse of daily life in cities other than the one we are currently living in.

In case you’re yearning for more than city sounds, Radio Garden allows you to spin the virtual globe and listen to radio stations from cities all around the world, connecting you with broadcasters and identities from different places. There’s plenty of choice between live broadcasts, clips about radio history and listeners telling stories about how they imagine voices and sounds from across the globe.

Both Soundcities and Radio Garden give us an auditory impression from particular places across the world, they may inspire us as to where we want to travel and allow us to virtually tune into different cities.