Urban Professionals Start To Like Street Art

I just went to the American Bookstore in Amsterdam and found out that books about street art and graffiti are the eye-catchers between their natural competitors, the books about urbanism and architecture. Most remarkable is the sudden adoptation of street art in the scene of serious city makers. In the first place, this is not a consequence of a mind shift in the heads of urban professionals, but, in contrary, a consequence of the increasing quality of street art that we faced during the last years. It all seems to be much more subtile, multifaceted, engaged, funny and creative.”The city made us do this”, says street artist EVOL. It’s all a reaction on the boring city scapes that urbanists and architects keep on producing. Considering the huge amount of inspirational books about on this subject, we might consider street art more and more as an important discipline within the process of city making.