Unlock Private Spaces In The City With Breather

The local Starbucks if often filled with hip looking people who are slowly sipping their coffees with hasty people incomprehensibly shouting their names to the baristas. In between these people, the keen observer could discern another group altogether: the people who despite the circumstances desperately try to work. For the people who like a bit more peace, quiet and privacy than their local coffeeshop can offer them, there is Breather.

When at home is not an option, finding a place to work in solitude is not the easiest thing in a large and crowded city. Brand new start-up Breather has a solution in the form of spaces selected for their private and relaxing qualities, which people can reserve through the accompanying app. It is as simple as choosing a certain space in your city and going there. Unlocking the door happens through the app and you can work as long and hard as you like. On top of that, Breather will charge you just for the time of your stay.

Interestingly, the aforementioned spaces can be anything. From a large apartment in the middle of the city to a quiet room at the edge of town, Breather offers any kind of place for anyone. If you want a place to work, to relax or to do some yoga, Breather tries its best to offer something that suits to everyone’s needs. Spaces can be rated by the users and the users will be rated by the cleaners who come after them to keep everything fair and comfortable.


Breather seems to be a service in line with services like Uber and Sold that take almost every kind of hassle out of users’ hands and makes sure users don’t have to worry about anything. Breather is opening several rooms in large American cities right now and wants to expand their private workspaces nationally in the next couple of months.