Underground City By EVOL

Berlin-based street artist EVOL uses stencils and spray paint to transform urban walls and furniture into realistic and stunningly detailed buildings. For the upcoming MS Dockville Festival, he transplanted the city in a rural landscape in Hamburg, Germany.

Visitors can walk through a miniature underground intersection. They can play like kids and just “pretend there is no endless meadow, but only rooftop-gardens of the disgust underneath”. Or they can reflect on these facades which might remind them of the Plattenbau movement. They might find beauty again in this symbol of failed architecture, which once was much sought after by the proletariat but abandoned or demolished after the fall of the Berlin Wall. EVOL explains:

“When I work in public space, then preferably place- and situation-oriented, meaning I try to reinterpret scenes by relatively subtle interventions. I like to use already existing structures. Among the most famous ones are probably the miniaturized plattenbaus. To me, a symbol of a societal utopia of urban planning that failed for a reason. Like small monuments for this dystopia, I install these buildings mostly in downtown areas.”


Check out more pictures of this Underground City called ‘Nordkreuz’ on EVOL’s Flickr account!