TweetingSeat: The Park Bench That Tweets

Created by Chris McNicholl, a recently graduated product designer at the University of Dundee, the TweetingSeat is an interactive park bench designed to explore the potential for connecting digital and physical communities. Each time someone takes place on the bench, the TweetingSeat takes two photos and uploads these to Twitter. One camera is focused on the bench, capturing sitting people. A second camera is placed on the bench and takes a picture from the point of view of the people who sit on it.

“I am driven by an excitement and enthusiasm for producing objects that will bring pleasure and benefit”, explains McNicholl. Unfortunately, his extraordinary park bench hasn’t been tweeting since February, which gives us the impression that the bench is taken away, its equipment is broken, or that no one dares to sit on the bench any more. Lesson learned today: don’t sit on a bench with a blue bird if you’re taking your mistress to the park.