Turning An Ordinary Bike Lane Into Something Playful

How to stimulate people to cycle to work instead of taking the car? To promote the so-called Bike to Work Week, Canadian designer Greg Papove turned an ordinary bike lane in Vancouver into a playful piece of infrastructure by installing a series of ‘Whoopdeedoo’-ramps.

As you can see, the joyful ramps just make you wanting to cycle over them. Colorful signs placed in both directions notify cyclists and the flags on the ramp can be seen by motorists to emphasise the fun of cycling. Designer Greg Papove teamed up with Claire Balderston for the graphics, which she took well care of.



As we know cities are getting more crowded every year. More and more urban authorities realize that the bike is the fastest,healthiest and most sustainable manner of transportation to move around. Implementing a little bit of urban play could emphasize the fun of cycling, and trigger urbanites to keep their cars in the garage more often. Vancouver’s transportation plan for 2014 encourages citizens to use multiple forms of transportation to reduce vehicle traffic.

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