Turf: Where Foursquare Meets Monopoly In 8-Bit

With location-based services continuing to gain more and more popularity, wouldn’t it be nice to earn money every time you check in at a place? And use the money to buy property in the city, to use it to build additional floors and unique details to your building, earning more money when friends check in at your property? Let’s be clear, we are talking about virtual money, as in shiny golden coins and owning places like in Monopoly. But the check-ins at venues are taking place in real life. In fact, there is no location-bases app/game with better graphics than Turf, because everything you see is drawn with a 2 bit or 5 bit brush and it’s in a funny 8-bit style. The game is still in production phase, but the features are already showing great promise.

The maker explains how to earn some trophies:

“The Turf Geography Club believes strongly in positive reinforcement. So when you do fun and unique things, special trophies are unlocked. Whether it’s being exceptional company to a bar or locking down your 20th property like a boss, we think you deserve a cookie. There will be hundreds of trophies to collect! That’s not all. We provide a shelf for you to proudly display your hard earned keepsakes. When your friends cruise your profile, they get a full unrelenting blast of how amazing you are.”

This game is also a project on Kickstarter and reached its goal on May 19. Hurray! Watch the video to learn more: