Tree Tent: Zeppelin Of The Campsite

Since Dre Wapenaar made his first tree tent back in 1993, little stuff happened in the tree tent scene with concepts like the Cocoon Tree and Wapenaar’s tree tent hotel in Belgium earlier this year. This week Inhabitat reported some new action.

The guys behind a company called Luminair created a new type of tree tent. Their 3 diameter round tent concept hangs with 8 ropes between the trees in the woods. This makes the tree tent a bit different from Wapenaar’s one, which is not round and needs only one tree to hang in.

Luminair’s tree tents, available in different colors, are accessible by means of a ladder and enable minimal impact living in the trees. The spherical structure is made from a light-weight, green ash frame integrated into a structural aluminium airframe and encompassed by a water-proofed 100% cotton canvas tailored by The Lindstrand hot air balloon factory, that’s famous for its fabric structures, air ships and balloon projects.

Although I never see any tree tents in the wild, it does make sense to camp off the ground. Especially in woods camping on the ground brings danger and inconvenience, like cold weather and the wild animals. An ordinary tree tent is also pretty expensive: this model of 3 meters costs 8,000 pounds. We’re talking about the luxury version here, that’s fully equipped with a woodstove, bed, seat, table, mess unit, and storage hatch.