Traveling Pop-Up Store Attracts Startups to Berlin

Creative European cities are competing against each other to attract the most innovative startups and promising tech-workers. Berlin's city promotion agency Berlin Partner has opened a traveling pop-up store that shows some of the city's most creative innovations and startups, providing visitors with a taste of Berlin and excite them about the city.

Pop into Berlin is a temporary pop-up store that features more than 20 creative labels and startups from Berlin. Among Berlin’s finest brands and innovations you will find Teledisko (smallest disco in the world), BigRep 3D-printing, or product design by minimum. In addition to all startups and creativity that’s displayed, visitors can also experience the city’s culture through typical Berlin music, food, and other inspiring activities in the store.

Pop into Berlin

What is most interesting about Pop into Berlin, is that the store changes location on a weekly basis. It literally travels between (creative) European cities. After opening in Stockholm in September, it has popped-up in Londen, Vienna, Amsterdam and Paris ever since. One could say that with the pop-up store, the city of Berlin is on a big promotion tour all across Europe, showing the (startup) potential of the city and creating excitement and interest among people.

Pop into Berlin

One could argue that Pop into Berlin has taken the startup competition to a next level. No longer are cities only competing to attract the best and most promising startups and creative minds, but that they are doing that by shamelessly promoting themselves in ‘enemy territory’. It will be interesting how other cities will fire back at Berlin.