Top 10 Trends For 2012

First of all we wish you all a happy, inspiring and healthy 2012! In January last year we published a series of ten trends for 2011 when it comes to urbanism, design, marketing and technology. It became a pretty successful bunch of articles. Our number 1, Marketing Is Urbanism, even got tweeted by the one and only Richard Florida. Reflecting on what we’ve written in 2011 and looking into the new year, we’ve composed a new list of remarkable trends that we consider to be important for our cities in the coming time. Enjoy!

  1. Crowd-Funded Urbanism
  2. The Rise Of Social Selling
  3. Paint The City!
  4. Brands Love Future Cities
  5. Modular Hospitality
  6. The City As An Interface
  7. Design For Animals
  8. The Peer-To-Peer Economy
  9. The Revival Of Psychogeography
  10. Urbanism Made To Like

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