Tomás Saraceno Creates A Playground In The Air

Ever tried sky walking? Now you can! Artist Tomás Saraceno installed a 2500 square meters playground at a height of 25 meters in Düsseldorf, Germany. The installation In Orbit consists of a web of transparent nets which makes the experience of walking 25 meters above the ground rather scary yet amusing, I suppose.

We have always been intrigued by projects that add a layer of experience to the city and stimulates adults to behave like children in a serious, thoroughly planned urban context. This immense air playground by Saraceno, who was also responsible for the even so spectacular On Space Time Foam project in Milan, consists of 3000 kilos heavy steel cable nets. Big 300 kilo heavy balls float on top of the net. The multi-level transparent playground responds to footsteps of visitors, which makes the experience even more entertaining and wobbly.

'In Orbit' by Tomás Saraceno

Inspired by spider webs, the installation forms part of Saraceno’s Air-Port-City project, that wants to build a futuristic floating city based on a socialist and utopian dream in a response to the increasing uninhabitability of the earth as a result of global population growth and the ecological crisis. Curious about the project? You can experience the installation at k21 Ständehaus in Düsseldorf until autumn 2014.