This Hotel Room Has No Walls To Obstruct The View

“The only star is you.” This flattering statement welcomes guests at the Null Stern Hotel Room in the Swiss Alps. It is debatable whether you could actually call it a hotel room, as it lacks something very substantial — the walls.

The “hotel room” is also referred to as an art object. It re-opened this summer again due to great success and it’ fully booked far in advance. In order to install a bed on the mountain, the land was flattened by a construction crew and the queen-sized bed, nightstands and lamps were added. A personal butler residing in a cabin nearby is in charge of the roomservice and treats the guests to breakfast and dinner in bed. A public bathroom is about a five minute walk down the mountain.

The Hotel’s slogan “Null Stern”, which translates to Zero Stars, may be referring to the lack of any luxurious equipment that you would normally find in a star-hotel. But if you think about it, fresh mountain air and the breathtaking view of the Alps are a luxury that no other hotel provides in this direct way. Switzerland itself becomes the hotel, and the guests become the star — at least that’s what the slogan promises. For about 295 Swiss franks you can spend the night under the starry skies in the mountain landscape.