The World’s Largest Tetris Game

On Friday 20 April, a group of hackers at the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology turned the facade of MIT’s Green Building into an awesome playable version of the classic game Tetris. First the word TETRIS scrolled down the facade of the building, a screen of 153 windows = 153 pixels, followed by a giant Tetris game. A console enabled players to control the blocks and actually interact with the light installations.

Because of its height and visibility in Cambridge, the 21-story Green building has been the target of many hacks and pranks in the past. The Tetris hack was the culmination of over four and a half years of work by an undisclosed number of hackers, is explained in this article on The Tech. “The idea of doing Green Building Tetris has been around since the 80s when the game was first invented, and the inception of this hack started just over four years ago.”

Although similar projects have been conducted at the Brown University in 2000 and at Delft’s Technical University in 1995, this project is truly impressive as a demonstration of hacking skills, and because it’s likely the largest game of Tetris ever played.

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