The World’s First Record Label For Street Musicians

The wonderful thing about street music is that you always see it live, and can enjoy it in the here and now. Russian creative agency Hungry Boys is going one step further — it launched Sound of Change, the world’s first record label for street musicians.

The main objective behind the project was to give street musicians a chance to be heard all over the planet, by letting them record their songs and upload these to the platform. But not only the musicians themselves can increase their radius of an audience, but listeners themselves as well. By uploading a video of a busker to the website, adding their credentials and geotagging the location, one can establish a link between the record label and the musician. The team from Hungry Boys then contacts the buskers and looks for a chance to record them in a studio nearby.

Sound of Change is taking the idea of street music and putting it on a much bigger level, also including the opportunity to support the musicians financially, enabling anyone who listens from wherever on the globe, to (virtually) toss them some coins. By adding more and more musicians on their website, anyone can contribute to letting street music be heard outside of the confinements of streets and subway tunnels.