The World’s First Ad Campaign You Can Kick

Adidas has rolled out a new urban marketing campaign in several metro stations in Shanghai. The German sports brand started what they call “the first campaign in history you can kick”.

Bags, supplied by Adidas, are installed in the metro stations. Passers-by can use them when they’re annoyed by other travelers, their work, public transport service, or because of a missed train (as PSFK suggests). The campaign encourages travelers to release there anger on the boxing bag, instead of on each other or the train’s furniture. Besides that it keeps you fit, as Adidas would like us to believe. We don’t know Asian people for being very aggressive in public space, therefore it’s remarkable that Adidas has started this campaign in Shanghai. Perhaps London would have been a better testing place.

Nevertheless, on the the other hand, fighting sports are very popular in the Asian part of the globe. Any way, it’s a great form of advertising that helps public space to improve, instead of worse as described in our marketing is urbanism article. Thanks for the tip, Rudolf!