The Walking Grill

Walking Grill, BerlinIn the Berlin district of Friedrichshain I came across this ‘Bratwurst’ selling girl close to train/subway station Frankfurter Allee. Observing her for a couple of minutes, her business seemed to run quite well. Which surprised me, as it was incredibly hot that day, and every single fibre in my body shouted for lemonade instead of a hot fat ‘Bratwurst mit Senf’. But each culture needs its abnormality. The girl didn’t seem to suffer from the heat, thanks to the umbrella that’s part of the installation.

The ‘Wurstel’ that cost € 1,20 are freshly prepared on a special feather light electric grill hanging around the girls neck, electricity is provided by a generator on her back while a cooling box keeps the sausages fresh. The walking grill is hosted by a brand called Wurst König. The next day In Kreuzberg – the place where Döner was invented – I hoped to find a man with a shoarma roll hanging in front of his chest, but that didn’t happen.