The Urban Underwater Experience

I often get jealous at advertising creatives. They are able to create atmospheres, situations and places that are unthinkable of in the real world. They are able to create illusions and make their vision or dream come true for a minute. This US Cellular commercial is absolutely great. Just have a look and get inspired.

I’m really impressed by the dreamy athmosphere that’s represented. Not only the combination of music and installations featuring an underwater world are great, but the idea that this could be done by a community, is great too. What would happen with an ordinary street if everybody had just another mindset and a little more spare time? If this would be real, I’d love to participate in these community projects. Forget about painting competitions for childeren and hiphop classes organised by civil servants, let’s do the real work. Make the city nice.

The video was created by advertising agency Publicis & Hal Riney. Besides my enthousiasm, I must conclude that the message in the end sheds a little shadow on the whole. This one would have been real great without the preacher telling us how the world could become “a little bit better”.